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Colombia 4.0 - Hablemos De Product Management!

El próximo 21 de Septiembre, a las 11:30 am estaré realizando una presentación dentro del evento Colombia 4.0 lo cuál me llena de alegría el haber sido invitado a un evento en mi país, el presentar en conferencias algo que hace algún tiempo no hacía y aparte de eso poder compartir un tema que me apasiona mucho que es el arte del Product Management.

En esta presentación miraremos el rol del product manager o gerente de producto dentro de las compañías del silicon valley y el papel del product manager detras de muchos de los productos y soluciones que vienen de starups. Veremos cómo el product manager gestiona la visión, establece la estrategia y se enfoca en la ejecución de la estragía. Cómo las compañías desarrollan un conocimiento de sus usuarios, del mercado y la receta entre las compañías que desarrollan productos exitosos vs las que aspiran lanzar productos exitosos.

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Using JIRA for Product Development Cycles Part 1

JIRA is a popular tool for managing software product projects. In my role as Product I’ve been an active user of this tool as well as Trello, Pivotal Tracker among others in the last few years and, have found different ways that these tools can be used for organizing our product development cycles.

The tools are only the channel used by the organization to have a central location where the engineering teams tracks product implementation tasks, level of effort, bugs and, escalations. At the same time, the Product team uses the tools to communicate current features that are implemented, prioritize new features, plan out new releases and even define product roadmaps.

But as with any tool, if you don’t proactively maintain the information, it quickly becomes outdated and easily forgotten. In this article I would like to describe how I’ve use JIRA as a Product within the software development lifecycle.

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2014 the Year of Scrum...

It’s been a while since my last post. With Q1 almost over, it was long overdue to have a new post out the door by now. I originally started this post at the end of 2014, but finally I was able to make the space to complete it and finally publish it.

2014 was a really interesting and enlightening year for my product management career. It marked the year that I got fully exposed to the rollout of Scrum at the organization that I currently work on, we started from scratch and now, a year later I realize how much progress we’ve made and how much it has helped me and my team to define good practices and processes on how we built software.

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