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Colombia 4.0 - Hablemos De Product Management!

El próximo 21 de Septiembre, a las 11:30 am estaré realizando una presentación dentro del evento Colombia 4.0 lo cuál me llena de alegría el haber sido invitado a un evento en mi país, el presentar en conferencias algo que hace algún tiempo no hacía y aparte de eso poder compartir un tema que me apasiona mucho que es el arte del Product Management.

En esta presentación miraremos el rol del product manager o gerente de producto dentro de las compañías del silicon valley y el papel del product manager detras de muchos de los productos y soluciones que vienen de starups. Veremos cómo el product manager gestiona la visión, establece la estrategia y se enfoca en la ejecución de la estragía. Cómo las compañías desarrollan un conocimiento de sus usuarios, del mercado y la receta entre las compañías que desarrollan productos exitosos vs las que aspiran lanzar productos exitosos.

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Using JIRA for Product Development Cycles Part 1

JIRA is a popular tool for managing software product projects. In my role as Product I’ve been an active user of this tool as well as Trello, Pivotal Tracker among others in the last few years and, have found different ways that these tools can be used for organizing our product development cycles.

The tools are only the channel used by the organization to have a central location where the engineering teams tracks product implementation tasks, level of effort, bugs and, escalations. At the same time, the Product team uses the tools to communicate current features that are implemented, prioritize new features, plan out new releases and even define product roadmaps.

But as with any tool, if you don’t proactively maintain the information, it quickly becomes outdated and easily forgotten. In this article I would like to describe how I’ve use JIRA as a Product within the software development lifecycle.

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2014 the Year of Scrum…

It’s been a while since my last post. With Q1 almost over, it was long overdue to have a new post out the door by now. I originally started this post at the end of 2014, but finally I was able to make the space to complete it and finally publish it.

2014 was a really interesting and enlightening year for my product management career. It marked the year that I got fully exposed to the rollout of Scrum at the organization that I currently work on, we started from scratch and now, a year later I realize how much progress we’ve made and how much it has helped me and my team to define good practices and processes on how we built software.

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The New Era of Colombian Innovators Is Here

courtesy of @SWCol In recent weeks I’ve virtually followed 2 StartupWeekend events that took place in Bogota, Colombia that gave me a general ideal about the growth of the innovation ecosystem in the country and the new blood of entrepreneurs.

I noticed something that is establishing as a strong and valid alternative that attracts young generations to come up with a fearless attitude and bring fresh and new ideas to improve the way things work in the country/city/communities. In this article I’m going to offer my negative and positive impressions together with resources that are useful for anyone that wants to followup on this.

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A New Theme and Performance Added to the Blog

This week I started looking at how to modify or replace the “classic” theme that comes off-the-shelf with Octopress. I was positively surprised when I found the glorious 3rd party Octopress themes. I took the time to check most of them and it was great to see a consistent high-quality around most of them. Also, how easy it was to add them into the blog. On top of that, I added a few experimental performance settings to speed up the blog using the limited free infrastructure. Read on to get more details.

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Ruby RVMs and Mac OS X Update2 (Mavericks) Issues

I use RVMs to run ruby applications such as this blog and @Moovweb’s pre-release software built via ruby gems.

A friend of mine and I are going to try to work on a Rails application, which is a good opportunity for me to understand the technology behind so many apps nowadays.

As I was getting my environment ready, I ran in some issues on a couple of computers that I had recently updated to Mavericks update 2, this is what happened. I advice that you read the end of this post first… trust me.

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Traveling to Bogota? Here Are My Recommendations Part 1

I’ve been asked in various occasions for recommendations and tips when traveling to Colombia. The people that know me, are aware that I talk a lot about Colombia and about my life growing in Bogota.

Conversations about Colombia, often end up in someone knowing someone that have been to Colombia or is planning to go to Colombia. And often, I end up volunteering to provide tips, guidance to get what I consider, an awesome experience while in my Country.

So instead of continuing sending out individual messages with recommendations about Colombia, why not posting them out there in the Internet so other could potentially find them? So here they are, let’s start with my city: Bogota

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The No-Cable Era: A Geek’s Perspective

It’s been almost 4 years since I cut cable tv at home. For some, it could sound as if I’m being cheap but, the reality is that I’m not alone as I keep on finding more and more people that decide to stop paying for cable mostly becuase there is no more a percived benefit from such service.

The On-demand Content Era

If I have to admit something what I’ve missed from cable tv in these years, maybe certain live sports events, awards ceremonies, season finales, etc. Yet, I’ve noticed that many of these events are aired on public tv channels. That in my mind means: not need to pay for a service where a lot of time is spent watching channels that have already free access.

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Installing Chrome on RHEL6.3

Facing an interesting task the other day at work. Install Google Chrome in a RHEL6.3 machine. This seems like a pretty standard task to be perfomed.

Interesting enough, Google is not longer supporting RedHat-based linux flavors such as CentOS or Fedora. This to me is actually shocking at the same time that compleately puts my engenieering ego in the spot.

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Blogging Like a Hacker

My old blogs used well known blogging engines: blogger and MovableType. For years blogger has been able to keep up with trends - in my opinion always catching up. However, I didn’t want to simply create a new blog on blogger; something was just not right.

One day a technical blog cought my attention because of its look and feel and nice caligraphy. It was Octopress which was created under the premise that is a blogging framework for hackers.

So, what does it reallly mean? Let me give you more context info:

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Back to Blogging - Welcome

I started my first blog 6 years ago, with the objective to share technical information about Oracle development tools in Spanish. A couple of years after that I started another one in English too as part of my previous job.

As a non-native English speaker, blogging helps me to practice my grammar, punctuation, etc; I’m a true believer in collective knowledge sharing and how the more knowledge I share, the more knowledge I could gather which is another great thing about blogging.

In recent months I transitioned to a new job in the mobile cloud space, with a company called Moovweb. Many new challenges and lots of learning can perfectly describe my ride so far and there is still more to learn, more to experiment, to contribute, and to learn from others.

The views of this blog are entirely personnal, feel free to share your comments and any feedback you might have.

Juan Camilo

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