I’ve been asked in various occasions for recommendations and tips when traveling to Colombia. The people that know me, are aware that I talk a lot about Colombia and about my life growing in Bogota.

Conversations about Colombia, often end up in someone knowing someone that have been to Colombia or is planning to go to Colombia. And often, I end up volunteering to provide tips, guidance to get what I consider, an awesome experience while in my Country.

So instead of continuing sending out individual messages with recommendations about Colombia, why not posting them out there in the Internet so other could potentially find them? So here they are, let’s start with my city: Bogota Bogota is a very large city that much like any other major city in the world like NYC, Paris or Sao Paulo is live 24x7. These days the traffic has been really bad so be prepared to spend time in traffic jams, so avoid as much as you can to move around during peak times. 7 - 9 a.m in the mornings and 4-7 at night.

If you have a smartphone with an active data plan on your phone. I encourage you to download Tappsi, so you can order taxis in a similar way to Lift or Uber in a secure and comfortable way. Also, Uber is active in Bogota and the prices similar to the US.

I’m going to start covering those areas in the city that are located in the northern part:


What used to be a small town located in the outskirts of the city, it's now a neighbourhood. Though it is one of the most vibrant areas where you can find great restaurants and bars. You could literally try different things in every visit.


Usaquen has a famous flea market on Sundays where you can experience the great diversity of Bogota and buy really good handcrafts and souvenirs. Also right next to Usaquen there is a nice shopping mall-Hacienda Santa Barbara.

  • Antara: Peruvian food.
  • 80 sillas: Fusion international.
  • Abasto: Organic/colombian food, great for brunch.
  • Bogota Beer company: Drinks, social fun times.

Parque 93

A park in the north that is surrounded by nice bars and restaurants. A great place to go for dinner + drinks/party



  • Salto del Angel: Dinner + party
  • Sagal: Steak house
  • Bogota Beer company
  • Wok: Asian fusion
  • La Hamburgueseria: Burgers + live music
  • El corral: If you like hamburgers, you HAVE TO try El Corral, the best burgers in the world
  • La bonga del sinu: Colombian style stake house
  • Kukaramakara: Party
  • Gaira Cafe: Northern Colombian food + party

Zona T

Is Bogota's version of San Francisco's Union Square. Upscale shopping + tons of alternatives to eat and party



  • La Plaza de Andres: Great food from all over Colombia
  • 14 Incas: Peruvian
  • La mona: After-party food
  • Andres DC: One of the best parties in the city you can get food there as well
  • Cachao: Mojitos + live salsa
  • Brasserie: French
  • Armando Records: Alternative music, live bands, party
  • Club Colombia: Upscale colombian food
  • Wabisabi: Japanese

Zona G

Considered one of the newest and fastest growing areas in the north. Upscale restaurants, bakeries and bars with lots to choose from in this centric area of the city.



  • Astrid y Gaston: Peruvian
  • La Bagatelle: French
  • La Cigale: Frech
  • La Biferia: Steakhouse
  • Masa: Bakery, coffee
  • Nazca: Peruvian

Part 2 with other areas of the city coming up soon…